Sunday, 23 May 2010

What's That Coming Over The Hill? Is It A Monster?

Here is the necklace that I made for Lisa's birthday, am I a good friend or what, lol.
This necklace was on the cover of Bead Magazine Issue 18, so I have made use of one of my mags, as well as using up 15gms triangles, 15gms of 6's and some accent beads, I had to buy new beads for the rest of it as I didn't have large enough quantities required.
When Lisa first said she liked this necklace, I was a little apprehensive as it looks like a total monster but actually was not quite as much work as I thought it would be, although I did schedule it over a couple of weeks. It took me 4/5 evenings to make the dutch spiral strap, an evening each for the rings and an hour for the fringe. I enjoyed making it and may well make one for myself as it really is impressive in person. It was worth the effort as Lisa really likes it.


Kirsty.a said...

I saw that ob the cover, but it is way beyond me! I have to make a multi=strand necklace using chips not seed beads - any ideas?

Clair said...

What an excellent friend you are - all that time and effort! I imagine it looks even more amazing in real life as the colours will sparkle!

Liz said...

Wow that looks fantastic Sarah! I love the colours you've made it in. What a lucky friend :)

Btw, your title is one of my favourite songs, I'll have that in my head for the rest of the day, lol :D

Kitty Ballistic said...

That is amazing, you are indeed a good friend. And if you enjoyed making the necklace, I think you should definitely treat yourself to one too. ;-)

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