Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pearl Ladder Ring Tutorial

Quite often I have very small amounts of beads left over from larger projects and I am sure you do too. I hate to throw them away but it's also a nuisance to have almost empty bead tubes cluttering up your bead stash. If you are anything like me, you really don't have the extra space. So I came up with this little project which uses ladder stitch to turn those little bits and bobs into a ring that works up quickly and easily and would make a great last minute gift.

You will need a few gramms of size 11 seed beads, 6mm focal beads ( I used 3 x swarovski pearls) and fireline or wildfire.

1. Thread your needle with approx 1.5 metres of thread, pick up 6 size 11 beads and go back up the first 3 you add, snug up the last 3 beads you added next to them and go down through them.

2. Pick up 3 seed beads, go back though the last 3 beads added in step 1 and then back down through the 3 beads added in this step.

3. Repeat step 2 until your ladder strip is the required length for your finger.

4. Join the 2 ends of the strip by going up through the first 3 beads in your strip and back down the last 3 beads of the strip. Repeat this step to reinforce the join.

5. Weave in ends, tying several half hitch knots as you do so.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for a second strip, but weave in only the shorter tail thread, leaving a long thread to add the centre beads.
7. With your needle & thread exiting a set of seed beads in strip 2, pick up 4 seed beads and go up through a set of 3 seed beads in strip 1 pulling fairly tight to join the strips together. *Go up through the next set of 3 seed beads, pick up 4 seed beads and go up through the next set of 3 seed beads in strip 2. Repeat from * one more time for a total of 3 sets of 4 seed beads. Exiting with your thread in the centre, pick up 1 size 6mm bead and go up through strip, repeat this pattern of 3 sets of 4 seed beads, 1 set of 6mm bead as required, ending with 3 sets of 4 seed beads. My ring is as follows 3 sets of seed beads, 1 set 6mm, 3 sets of seed beads, 1 set 6mm, 3 sets of seed beads, 1 set 6mm, 3 sets of seed beads.

8. Weave in tail, using several half hitch knots as you do so.
I hope you enjoy this quick little project, don't forget to add pics to the OTTBS Flickr group if you make one. We would love to see them!
Happy beading!


Clair said...

Loving how easy this project looks - as well as how pretty. And, on another note, how perfect are your fingernails? :)

The Beading Gem said...

This is a wonderful tutorial - I love how the Swarovski pearls sit so nicely in the design. Thanks for sharing. I will feature/link in a future post so others can come visit! Pearl

Gemma said...

Just popping across from the folksy forum. Cute tutorial Sarah. And I LOVE the title of the team blog!!

busybeecards/craftybitz said...

Never really got into jewellery making as I always thought it would be sooo dfiificult but you make it look so simple I might just have a go got lots of beads from my cardmaking stash.
Jan X

Sarah said...

Thank you ladies!

KipperCat said...

What a fun tutorial! I'm just getting into making rings, and will try this one soon.

Bead Queen said...

I love Rings too, so i have made one and uploaded it to the Flickr Group Pool.

Thanks Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Sarah! Definitely going on the top of my to-do list :D

Anonymous said...

Such a great blog! I made your ring and added a link to your blog. Can't wait to look around and find more good stuff here!

Weaverbird said...

Thanks for an excellent tutorial! I just made a ring from it and am already planning more.

Anonymous said...

OOh, lovely, this is a must for me also, I love beaded rings but not made many yet! I shall try a different colour though as I don't have silver 11s.

Nina said...

Just found you -- what a treasure!! Since leftover seed beads are the bane of my existence, this wunnerful.......thanks:-)

HJC Editor said...

This is such a beautiful ring! I have featured it here

Great work!

Anonymous said...

I saw this last week and thought "got to try this", it came out perfect and pretty!! Thank you so much for the tutorial for it was easy to read and the pic's helped too! :)