Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stashbusting Project Idea - Bead Soup Rings.

We have all got them lurking about at the bottom of drawers or bead boxes, those almost finished tubes of beads with just a gram or so of seed beads in, just a little bit too much to throw out, but not quite enough to make anything with. This week I have been on a mission to clear out these tubes by making bead soups and stitching them up into wide peyote rings with a button focal bead.

The pink, cream and gold ring was the 1st I made and has just the 3 colours, but still works out quite nicely. The proportions can be tricky, don't use the same amounts for all colours, I found this looked a little odd and not random enough. The purple ring has 6 different shades and finishes. The brown button ring has brown as the main colour in the mix with beige and 2 different shades of gold.

I found that having one shade as the main colour (at least 50% of the finished mix) worked well and then add different amounts of related colours in different shades and finishes. One of my most successful mixes was a blue one with 6 closely related shades of teal and blue, each one a different finish, it stitched up really nicely too.

Once I had my mix I then stitched up the rings using 2 drop peyote stitch, these are 12 beads wide. I then zipped them up and added a focal.

Great little stashbusters and I think if you made them wider and longer, they would make great napkin rings!

Happy beading,



lynsey said...

oooh these are lovely, it would work really well as a cuff too.

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Sarah and a great way to use up those leftover beads. I agree with Lynsey, they would make fab cuffs especially if you have size 8s left over :)