Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 Finish or Frog Along - January

I have lots of old UFOs (unfinished objects) lurking in boxes around the house that I really need to do something about! Knowing that I would not be on my own, I put a call out to our Facebook Group (Link top right) and asked if anybody wanted to join in with a 2012 Finish or Frog Along. The idea is that we pick one UFO a month and decide whether to finish it or frog it, I am hoping that I will either end up with 12 pieces of jewellery or a nice pile of pretty beads to make into something else! Luckily a few people were up for the challenge and here are the UFOs chosen to be either finished or frogged this month.

Rebecca is going to finish this gorgeous rope,"Here is my UFO! It's going to be a CRAW rope, with a pretzel shaped knot attached to the bezel. No idea what the stone is, but it's pretty... it looks like icing! The rope needs to be a lot longer, and I'd like to embellish around the cab a bit more... but I'll just see how it turns out!!"

Dee has chosen this stunning Jean Powers kit to finish,"Sadly my Jean Power bangle kit didn't get finished so here is the current state of play, which I hope to improve by the end of the month and get it finished."

In fact Dee has already made some progress!

This unfinished necklace from Catherine made me swoon, I can't wait to see it finished! Catherine says, "This is my version of Jill Devon's Moonshadow necklace in greens and golds, with some of my precious stash rivolis (it takes several different size ones, but different colours work well in pairs). I completed this part in August but still haven't got the rope done so I hope I can complete this in a reasonable time and even wear it this Spring/Summer.

My chosen UFO is this little piece of right angle weave. RAW is not my favourite stitch as it takes me too long, which is why I haven't finished this, even though I do really like the way it looks. I doubt I will finish it as a bracelet, but maybe use it as a focal in a necklace.

If you have a UFO that you would like to finish this month, please join in! Check back later this month to see how we get on.

Happy finishing!



pirupati said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

KJ said...

I don't have to many UFO's instead I have project boxes. Things that I haven't quite figured out but have the beads grouped together to make something.

Can't wait to see the finished pieces.

Gemma said...

Wow! Hope you all manage to complete your UFOs as they all look like they are going to be stunning.
I may join in next month if that's ok. This month is a bit busy

Kristen said...

I am with Gemma on this one. I will have to join next month. These are all gorgeous pieces that should be finished.