Saturday, 4 February 2012

2012 Frog or Finish A Long - February Goals

Welcome to the February Frog or Finish A long Goals, this month five of us from the Facebook Group have nominated projects to finish during the month.

Dee has carried over her Jean Power's kit from January,

Rebecca has also carried her rope over from last month,

Erika has chosen this bead embroidered cuff to work on in February, "I'm afraid I've got far too many UFOs. This one is a cuff bracelet that I started in Sept at a workshop with Laura McCabe. The picture isn't great as the leather it's on is actually a really pretty metallic plum colour. I've never attempted bead embroidery before and find it quite challenging. I really hope this will make me finish it!"

Gemma says, "I've had this bracelet on the go for what feels like forever. Its nearly done but I need some incentive to finish it as I'm bored with all the fringing. In fact I said I was going to finish it last year when we set beadbusting goals in May but I only managed a few extra rows. Bad Gemma! I'm calling it Anemone Cuff. Its based on the "Sea Urchin" project by Stephanie Burnham from the BWG journal 2006 and I probably started it that year so its high time I finished it! All I have to do is finish off the fringing in the 15s and find some sort of clasp."

I originally made these yellow tulips as earrings, but am just not that happy with them. They are quite small (and really tightly woven!)so I don't want to frog them but think they will be lovely on the ends of a lariat, so my project this month is to make the lariat rope and any other embellishments needed so that these will finally be part of a wearable finished object.

Check back later this month to see how we do.

Happy beading!



Gemma said...

Good luck everyone! And please shame me muchly if I fail to complete mine ;op

Sarah, love your cheerful flowers. You def must not frog.

KJ said...

Time is the biggest enemy. Good luck everyone on finishing.

Charters said...

Some lovely ... part works of art! Look forward to seeing them completed.

Liz said...

Looking forward to seeing these all your projects completed, they're looking wonderful so far!