Monday, 2 April 2012

Finish Or Frog Along - March Update

I'm thrilled to let you all know that we've all made some progress on our March Finish Or Frog Along Projects. Well, except for Padmini who has admitted to having been so distracted by The Big Bead Show that she forgot all about completing her Finish Or Frog Along! I'm sure we can understand that only too well - so maybe we should forgive her? Especially as she's going to roll the project over into April?

Ericka has also struggled a little with her bead embroidery piece, as she's now busy caring for her mum on a full time basis. Progress has been slow, but Ericka's feeling much happier with the piece now she's cmpleted a little more of the stitching. She's very much looking forward to finishing it - eventually! Who knows, it might be this month!

As this is my first time in amongst the finishers and the froggers, I thought I'd best make a concerted effort to finish up my bracelet. Weaving in all of those thread ends really was a bit of a chore, but I ended up with such a pretty bracelet that I made some earrings to match.

It's actually the first time I've ever attempted a pattern from one of my (many) beading magazines - just the confidence boost I've needed to try some new stitches and tackle some long lusted after projects.

To finish, I have a lovely story of trial and triumph! When we last saw Gemma's bracelet, she had put together a chain maille base and adorned it with some of the new Precosia Twinbeads, but there were a few issues. The bracelet wasn't particularly stable and took a while to put on because it kept twisting and turning - and the twinbeads kept moving around during the process. It just wasn't working.

So, she asked for advice in the forums and after umming and ahhing - and a little bit of swapping and changing - here's her beautiful Twinmaille Bracelet.

Gemma says "There were loads of fab suggestions from members on my blog and in the facebook group as to how I could fix the stability issue so thanks to everyone for the ideas. I added the 8s to the edge and changed it to a tight fitting bracelet with a clasp. One of the great things about taking out rows to make it tigher means I have some twins to spare now so I'll be making a pair of earrings to match at some point."

If you fancy joining in with this month's Finish Or Frog Along, pop over to The OTTBS Facebook Group for details.


Gemma said...

Thanks for the fab write up Clair. Congrats on finishing your project and love your matching earrings. Your project is looking fab too Ericka.
Tutt tutt Padmini! Hope you manage it this month

Peapod Beads said...

Well done everyone, it isn't always easy to keep going with a slow grow project, as a beader who likes instant gratification I can sympathise! You all deserve new beads in my opinion!