Saturday 2 June 2012

Free Tutorial - Wire Bangle

Free Tutorial
Wire Bangle Tutorial
Design by Carol Passaro


Tools and supplies needed for this project:-
0.6mm (22 Gauge) Plated Wire
0.8mm (20 Gauge)
10-12   1mm Large Hole Beads Or Lampwork Beads
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters         
Kebab Stick or small mandrel
A Cloth


1) Cut a 23 Inch length of 0.8mm plated wire from the reel, and wipe the length of the wire with your cloth to remove any oxidation.

2) Gently bend the wire in half, and at the mid-point shape your wire around a pen or pencil to give it a nice round shape. Press the wire strands together around the pen, then shape with your nail or round nose pliers.
Your wire should now look like this….
Now set this aside for later.

3) Now take your reel of 0.6mm plated wire, and cut off 12 x 4inch strips. Wipe each strip with your cloth to remove any oxidation.

4) Coil 8 of the 0.6mm strips around your stick so you end up with 8 coiled pieces of wire. Trim off excess straight bits of wire with your wire cutters flat side of pliers facing towards the coil so you get a straight cut. Once you have done all 8 coils set them to one side.


5) Now take the first piece of doubled core wire you made and shaped earlier, and take one of the two 4 inch wire strips you have left and wrap it around the doubled core wire as close to the loop as possible, Your work should now look like this…

6) Now start adding your beads and wire coils you made in an alternating order. (i.e. bead, coil, bead, coil etc). Continue until you have roughly 1 ½ inches of core wire left at the end.
Your work should now look like this…