Friday, 7 September 2012

Little Bead Boxes {Bead, Book & Bounce}

Continuing with our feature - Bead, Book & Bounce - I'm thrilled to let you all know that the next book on our list of 'must bead' is Little Bead Boxes by Julia S. Pretl. And the reason that I'm so thrilled? This book was the very first beading book on my wishlist but, because of my long-term fear of peyote stitch, it's sat on my shelf becoming dusty for much longer than any other beading book in my collection. Having overcome that long-term fear with the help of the wonderful ladies in the OTTBS Facebook Group, means that I'm now ready to tackle some more intricate projects. Thanks ladies! 

I'll be encouraging you to create something from Julia's amazing book; to share any projects you've made that have been inspired by Little Bead Boxes; and, perhaps, to share your thoughts on the book, patterns and what you may have learnt. (You can read a little bit more about how this works in our Introducing: Bead, Book & Bounce article.)

Inspirational Beading - Book Spotlight, Little Bead Boxes

Patterns In Other Places - 

Julia has created a  multitude of additional Bead Box Patterns, which complement the instructions in Little Bead Boxes. These patterns don't include instructions and it may be difficult to construct the boxes without having first purchased the book, but by all means purchase an extra pattern if you've already beaded your way through the book. Or if you're super, super confident!

And, If You're Interested - 

Visit Julia's website, Beading In My Basement, where you can see all of Julia's boxes, vessels, collars, bead-knitting, patterns and tutorials in one amazing collection.

Don't forget, we're still working on projects from The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald and we'll be sharing our completed projects at the beginning of October. 

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Thank you! I'm always looking for beading sources and inspiration.