Saturday, 6 April 2013

Beaded Fantasies: The Reveal {Bead, Book & Bounce}

For the last two months our members have been busy creating pieces inspired by the beautiful projects in Sabine Lippert's Beaded Fantasies.And, when I announced the book over in the OTTBS Facebook Group, there was a massive flurry of activity as members of the group that already had the book added photographs to the Beaded Fantasies Album. It was so inspiring! 

Since then our members have 'oohed and ahhed' and, eventually, beaded - and now it's time to reveal the results of our efforts, as we show off our projects  inspired by techniques and tutorials from Beaded Fantasies. Let's have a look at some of the projects that our members have made over the last two months shall we?

Carol has been busy beading these beautiful Sweet Eighteen Earrings. Don't you just love the splash of spring colours? Carol says "I found the instructions clear and easy to understand. The earrings were quick to make up and, provided I kept a tight tension, especially on the back, the beads went into their positions as on the picture. As I was pulling the beads tight at the back, I kept my fingers over the front ones, so that they continued to lay flat. Most enjoyable and I am looking forward to making more projects from this book!"

Gail has made this rather spectacular version of the Les Fleur Necklace. "Having made a La Fleur Bracelet as a Christmas present I decided I wanted one for myself, but then decided I wear necklaces more than bracelets these days so changed my mind and bought some larger rivolis and pearls. I really like the idea of how the rivolis link, but had to frog the links several times when I realised I’d got it slightly misaligned." 

Since buying the book, Gail has also tried the RAW Ribs Bracelet, Spikey Tops Bracelet, Granada Brooch and Volcanoes Necklace and has really enjoyed making each of the projects though she admits that making so many identical components for the Volcanoes Necklace "drove me a little nuts!" "I love bezelling and it’s great to find such different methods which show off the rivolis. My only criticism of the book is the lack of clasps which are more in keeping with the beauty of the designs. But it’s only a small niggle."

And lastly, these fine projects from Jane, who has been busy making up a La Fleur Bracelet, a Spikey Tops Bracelet - and who loves the RAW Ribs Bracelet so much that she's made two! 

Phew! What amazing pieces - and all inspired by just one book! Please do share your own projects with us using the Mr Linky.
  • Please link directly to your Beaded Fantasies blog post, so that we can find it easily. 
  • Please leave a comment here when you link up your project. 
  • Please try to visit the blogs of other participants when you can. We all love a bit of love! 

And don't forget that we're still working on projects from Kelly Wiese's Beaded Allure with a new reveal on the 6th May.


Peapod Beads said...

Have linked my blogspot. this was a good one, glad I could join in!

ACBeads said...

They're all gorgeous projects. Would you recommend this book to someone who has just started bead weaving? Have a great weekend.

Peapod Beads said...

Hi ACBeads. If you have a look at my review (link above), I wrote that I thought it was intermediate level, as you need to be able to follow quite complex beading instructions and the diagrams are not really step by step. That said, if you have done embellished right angle weave, then some of the projects will definitely be within your grasp.
Catherine xx

Sarah said...

I have linked mine too. ACBeads, I agree with Catherine, I probably wouldn't recommend this for very new beadweavers, but it is certainly one to consider once you have a bit of practise under your belt. Sarahx

Gemma Andrews said...

What lovely makes ladies. Off to see what the others have been up to on the linky thingy now :o)

Cat said...

Beautiful! I really like the RAW Ribs Bracelet. I'll have to put that on my "want to make" list.

kmemho said...

I too blogged about my Beaded Fantasies the raw ribs bracelet might be my next project... or the Scheherezade Pendant. I love this book. I'm often flipping through it trying to find the next project.