Sunday, 7 July 2013

Beaded Colorways {Bead, Book & Bounce}

Each month, as part of our regular feature Bead, Book & Bounce, we choose one of the most popular beading and jewellery making books and challenge our readers to make something inspired by the techniques or projects covered within it's pages. Over the next two months, we'll be working from Beaded Colorways by Beverly Ash Gilbert. 

Beaded Colourways covers - the tools and techniques you will need to gain confidence when working with colour and enhance your beadwork; step-by-step instructions for projects that make put the theory into practice; and freeform beading techniques that can be used to create your own unique projects!

"I was really impressed...a book that covers colour theory in exhaustive detail." -  Shala Kerrigan, Book Review: Beaded Colorways.

Projects In Other Places - 

Beaded Colorways includes several 'Wanderlust Projects' - Wander With Color, Wander With Flair, The Wanderlust Bracelet and The Wanderlust Necklace, as well as instructions for creating Rippled Netting and the instructions for each of these projects are available as individual downloads from BeverlyAshGilbert.Com.

And, If You're Interested - 

Beverly's website, BeverlyAshGilbert.Com, is home to a beautiful gallery of stunning beadwork, paintings, digital art and photographs - as well as a dedicated Color Inspiration section - all designed to inspire your work with color. 

When's The Reveal - 

The reveal will be on the 6th September.


Peapod Beads said...

Ooooh this is an interesting one! and I do have it!

Teressa said...

I have this book! ! :D I don't have a blog. :(

Juniper Goods said...

I love this book I made a beautiful necklace from an idea she has in this book with the colors blue, purple, and green! I love the color wheel that comes with the book!
<3, Chandra