Thursday, 6 February 2014

Twelve Modern Vintage Projects: The Reveal {Bead, Book & Bounce}

In our regular feature Bead, Book & Bounce, we choose one of the most popular beading and jewellery making books and challenge our readers to make something inspired by the techniques or projects covered within it's pages. Over the last two months, we've been working from The Best Of Beadwork: Twelve Modern Vintage Projects

I knew immediately that I wanted to make some of the components from Amy Haftkowycz's 'Floral Wreaths Bracelet' and Barbara Falkowitz's 'Hearts & Rosettes Necklace', which are pictured on the front cover of the book. Deciding to work in one colour scheme - because it makes the components a little more versatile - I rummaged around in my much neglected stash of Czech Firepolished Beads. 

I started with the Large Beaded Bead from 'The Hearts & Rosettes Necklace'. Each of the components worked up quickly and easily, with the crystal embellishment adding a beautiful finish that reminds me a little of a catherine-wheel! Instead of turning my components into a necklace - which I would never wear - I simply added a little loop of seed beads to make some earrings!

Made using Circular Right Angle Weave but with clear instructions and diagrams, this is the perfect little project for someone new to the stitch. Meanwhile, intermediate beaders will like how the versatile components can be combined, or altered using different sizes of beads!

The beaded beads from 'The Floral Wreaths Bracelet' are made in a slightly different way, but are embellished using the same method. Again, the instructions and diagrams were clear enough for a beginner to follow but overall, I didn't like them as much as the components from 'The Hearts & Rosettes Necklace'. I felt that, as a beaded bead, they weren't quite sturdy enough - and they were a bit too chunky for me to consider using in a bracelet! I'm waiting on some champagne chain, to turn them into earrings - with the chain running through the centre, they'll look like little wheels!

If you have made any pieces from The Best Of Beadwork: Twelve Modern Vintage Projects, please share your projects with us using the Mr Linky.
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We'll be issuing a new Bead, Book & Bounce challenge tomorrow, so please do pop back to see what book we'll be working from over the next two months. I can't wait to get started!

Clair x


Peapod Beads said...

Those are lovely makes Clair, I must keep an eye out for the book!

AmyH said...

Beautiful....I love your color choices!!

This one is an e-book, available through Interweave/F&W Media.

I am honored that you choose to work with my design! One thing that does make them sturdier is if you do a "cross netting", instead of only netting in the one direction. It does change the look a bit, but makes for a more solid component. Also, I'm a really, really tight beader. If you pull your thread with all your might,especially when you're filling in around the outside edges, you will have a much more solid piece, too.

Playing around with smaller beads will result in smaller components, much like the smaller components in Barbara's Hearts and Rosettes necklace.


Clair said...

A lot of the patterns are available free (or very cheaply) from the Interweave Store. And many of them have been featured in previous Beadwork Magazines. Check out the original blog post for links x

Clair said...

Ooh, Amy, thanks so much for popping by to have a look and for offering up some extra tips and techniques!

I'd been thinking of popping something inside the beaded beads, but couldn't find anything suitable - so it's nice to have an alternative. I think 'cross netting' would look beautiful!

Gillian Hardbattle said...

Your work is lovely Clair and I love the colours you have used.

AmyH said...

I'm glad to help! A couple other little tidbits...these pieces make wonderful single pendants, just on a simple chain.

And, try a 3mm rose montee in place of the fire polished bead you used in the netting. The montee works best if you do the cross netting, but it is a great little touch of sparkle!

Also, we've recently been doing both of these patterns with gives them another completely different look.

These are definitely some fun patterns to play around with!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clair, what lovely pieces! I'm so glad I got to join in again! I made earrings inspired by the Luscious Links, I love them and will definetly make more!
Can't wait till the new book is chosen!


Shirley Moore said...

I'm so thrilled you chose those to make, I've been wondering how they make up. And tickled to see Amy stop by and offer alternatives, how cool is that?!!

KJ said...

I love this pattern. I made a variation of it when it was published in the magazine. Quite a versatile component.