Friday, 24 July 2015

Beaders Bingo

Let's have a little bit of Friday fun!

Give yourself a point for each square that you have bought or thought in the last 3 months. Then check out what your score says about you below.

The results below are based on no scientific fact whatsoever and are merely a product of my overactive and slightly ridiculous imagination. If you disagree with your results, just pick the one you like best and bead happy ☺️.

***also, you don't have to go shopping just cos I said so! In fact, it's probably best you don't listen to me at all!

New Beader or a Beader of exceptional restraint and willpower. I think you need to buy some more beads to round out your stash and give you more options!

Organised Beader. You plan your projects in advance and purchase beads for each project. I think you need to impulse buy some new beads shapes just for fun.

Slightly obsessive Beader. You like to mix up impulse buying with planning a few projects here and there. You need to go pattern shopping on Etsy to help you use up those impulse buys.

Serious Bead Hoarder Extrodinaire. Dude, I'm jealous. You need to buy more storage, cos we both know it's only going to get worse.

Let us know your results in the comments below.

Sarah x


Carol said...

18! I really am addicted!

Glorious Beads said...

Well, let's's easier for me to tally up what I DIDN'T buy! My stash building began about 15 years ago when I was still working for pay and buying 'fill-ins' to have on hand. Needles? 10 packs of 25 needles, 10s, 12s, 13s, 15s, and even 4 to use on size 22 seedies. Rivolis? Over 100 on hand...all sizes. OOAK cabs/lampwork? Don't even ask! Same with 4mm bicones. Thread? 2 bobbins of all OneG on hand and Fireline in 300 yd reels from 4 lb. to 20 lb - don't ask why! Magazines and books? They are a stash on their own! A new dress? Not for me...not needed when I only throw on a pair of comfy pants to run out to the bead store and get home quickly to continue beading. AND, thinking seriously of tossing all the unused clothing kept in one closet, and replacing with shelving for THE STASH! Purchased patterns? Gave up printing and filing them in the 4" binder when it was packed solid...probably have hundreds that I will never do. But I so like to read for process insights. Fire polish? Two shoeboxes full now (but, they are the pretty, paper-covered ones!)...but I do need to increase the 'true 2mm' collection. Pearls? A shoebox of Swaros, fresh water, glass and some gorgeous keishi...stash includes the new pastels...yum. I'll finish by stating I have NOT bought a bead on it board...the thought of spilling coffee or Snapple on one, along with the price, means I'll never get one. Final result? I'm giving myself a score of 20+ - Old Lady, Unbeatable Stash!

Oblibby said...

Slightly obsessive. In my defence though I did have a bit of a hiatus for a couple of years .

Gypsy said...

14, off to follow the directive ;-)

Peapod Beads said...

6! I think the OTTBS Facebook group has finally had the effect I was hoping for....I'm an organised beader (hmmm!)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I only got 4. That's bad and not in a good way. Not a newbie or possessing willpower though, I did buy a bunch of stuff that wasn't on the list lol! :P