Thursday, 1 June 2017

April/May Challenge Reveal

Thank you to everyone who joined in with this challenge! I'm thrilled that so many UFOs now have a new lease of life as finished pieces!

Carol H

This is based on Shelley Nybakke's "Until I Breathe"

I haven't beaded for over 12 months so decided to use 5 of the "dangles"  I had already done!

Jenny A

Sarah G

The design credits for the base go to Julia Gerlach, and the Absolutely Stunning 
'Sign of the Zodiac' cameos are courtesy of Davida Krill and The Old 
Bicycle Shop....(I HAD wanted to feature every sign of the zodiac on my 
necklace, but even I (lover of all things over the top) had to concede 
that doing so would have been EVER SO SLIGHTLY mad! So I went with five.

Fatema I

I dug into my stash and created entry numbers 1,2,3, 4, 5, 7, 8,9 10 11 and 13 which are all my designs!Entry no 12 is a customised hand ornament for a client which is also my own design.Entry no 11,14 and 15  are table mats for which I utilized most of  the plastic bicones  accumulated over a period of many years.Entry no 6 and 16 are pairs of earrings which I made with the help of guide central video tutorials on you tube.All these projects were beaded during the months of April and May.

Lucy K

 Lucy finished this Anais brooch from a pattern by Ellad2 (Ella Des)

Kristen H

Kristen finished 12 pieces to enter for the challenge.  

Design credit in 7 picture: (top right)
Heather Kingsley-Heath
Melissa Grakowsky
Melissa Grakowsky (again)
Kelley Weiss
Diane Dennis
Sandra Youbger
Melissa Grakowsky (center)

Design credit in 5 picture (top right)
Erin Simonetti
Jay Dee
Justyna Szlezak
Julia Pretl
Nancy Dale  

Maureen L

The centre necklace is Nefertiti's Treasure designed by Melanie de Miguel, a workshop from several years ago.

The outer necklace is Dragon Claw Necklace designed by Laura McCabe, a kit I started last year.

The pendant and earrings are my version from a Bubble Hubble workshop with Melanie de Miguel in March this year, made to go with my outfit for my son's wedding recently.


Vidya finished this design from Eridhan creation.

Esther B

This is "Tassel Lariat," a workshop pattern from Helena Tang-Lim. Started in class with her last August, and just finished now! Whew!

Signy C

I completed 7 items for this challenge!

4 beaded bezels on moon cabs (only 30 or so left to go!)
2 pairs of earrings
1 beaded necklace for a pendant

Louise B

All the entries (1 per finished item) went on a list and I used to pick a number.

The Winner is Kristen H! Congratulations Kristen! Please get in touch and I'll send you your prize! 

Thanks again for entering everyone!

Sarah x


Lucy Kalstrom said...

Wow, the standard of entries is so high I am blown away. What a talent pool :-)

estherbeads said...

This was a brilliant idea for a challenge, and THANK YOU for giving us 2 months! What an incredible group of submissions... awesome!