Monday 3 July 2017

June Challenge Reveal

Hi all,

Apologies for my tardiness this month, I couldn't quite fit everything I needed to do in the last few weeks!

In order to try and catch up, I'm going to take a break from the challenge in July, but will be back with something tricky in August!

Thank you to everyone who joined in and beaded some beautiful pieces, taking us on a lovely trip around the world!.


Here is my June blog challenge-A kangaroo (and her joey) keychain.The pattern has been taken from a japanese book "animalia".Sine childhood,I have been fascinated with kangaroos.Kangaroos are endemic to Australia and have been depicted in Australian art,official currency,literature and continue to be used today by sporting teams and fans and advertisers as a symbol of all things Australian.Their amazing hopping ability,the pouch on the bellies of the female kangaroos to cradle their babies called joeys makes them such extraordinary marsupials.I would love to see them if I ever get a chance to visit Australia!


I picked Sinkiang, China because I had some pendants in my stash (one I did just make a necklace from last month) but they made me curious about the area. The necklace I've made for this challenge has the pendant that represented the Queen of is what I learned about the province from Wikipedia..."Sinkiang (or Xinjiang) refers to a former province of the Republic of China. First set up in 1884 as a province of the Qing Dynasty, it was replaced in 1955 by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomus Region of the People's Republic of China. The original provincial government was relocated to Taipei as the Sinkiang Provincial Government Office until its dissolution in 1992.

I made this all from stash some going back to the 1960's...rhinestones, chain and crystals.


This is my June challenge  entry it's my interpretation of Hindia by Heather Collins.  I have always been interested in the Persian Mogul influences on India  so I have made this necklace up in the colours that reflect Persian culture  but Indian style. 


At first I thought I'd bead a Huichol Mexican bracelet.
I have long admired the bright colors in traditional Huichol pieces.

I'm part of another FB group who focused this month on Loom pieces.
The group will be working on "Gerdan" or "Split Loom necklaces" for July.
This inspired me so much that I made the necklace over a weekend!

My country of inspiration: Ukraine
Jewelry piece: Gerdan necklace 
It can be a few different styles, one commonly found a long strip of loom work.
Long meant to put on over the head. Featuring geometric patterns.
These patterns can express world views in times past. 
Horizontal lines meant land, wavy ones meant water, a cross was fire, circle meant the sun.

Google: "Gerdan Ukrainian" - and the screen fills with vibrant color, lots of flower and geometric motifs.

Design credit by Anna Belous (aka Anabel) at


A design inspired by Chinese Philosophy.

All the names were put into the list randomizer at and the lucky beader whose name is at the top of the list is...


Congratulations Audrey,  you're the winner of the £25 voucher to spend at Beads and More by Yashma!