Wednesday 27 October 2010

Wednesday's Wear It Or Frog It

A little different from the usual WWIOFI post as I found this choker in my 'for sale' box rather than in my personal jewellery stash. I made it quite a while ago with the intention of selling it, but as the flower was made from a pattern in The Beader's Floral book I wasn't comfortable doing this without the designer's permission. Sadly I never received a reply to my email so it's been sat in the box ever since.

Well as black and red is my favourite colour combination, I've decided that rather than taking it apart, I'm going keep it all for me and will wear it when I go out shopping tomorrow :)

Monday 25 October 2010

Monday Moodboard Reveal - Rainbow

Welcome to our Monday Moodboard Reveal! Before I show you what the team made, here's a recap of the mosaic I posted last week.

Clockwise from top-left: Taste The Rainbow, Urban Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow eyeshadow ben nye and m.a.c.

Two offerings from the team this time and both of them rings! Sarah made this beautiful Fiesta ring in circular peyote...

Strangely enough, I used circular peyote for my ring too! I made lots of tiny beaded beads and attached them to a looped ring with headpins...

If you've been inspired to create something, either by this or previous moodboards, why not send us a photo of your creation? It's easy, either add them to our Flickr group pool or email them to me at and I'll show them on the blog :)

Sunday 24 October 2010

Stocking Fillers from Stash, Pearl Dangle Earrings Tutorial

I think we have probably established the fact that I love long earrings and this week's Stocking Filler from Stash tutorial is no exception. I am also continuing my new obsession with using chain.

You will need:
1 pair of earwires
1 pair of headpins
2 length's of chain (mine are each 2.5 inches long)
2 10mm pearls

Tools: wire snips to cut the chain, flat nosed & round nosed Pliers.

1. using your flat nosed pliers, open the loop one an earwire.

2. Thread through the end of a piece of chain.

3. Close the loop.

4. Thread 1 pearl on a headpin and use your round nose pliers to create the 1st part of a wire wrapped loop.

5. Thread the bottom end of the chain through the loop and finish of your wire wrapped loop and trim the end with your wire snips.

6. Repeat for a second earring.
I have assumed a knowledge of basic jewellery making skills, if you are new to jewellery making you can find instructions here
Happy Christmas Beading!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Wednesday's Wear It or Frog It.

I had originally planned to feature another piece for this weeks WWIOFI but this morning I was looking for something to wear with a grey/black outfit and came across this necklace that I had not worn for at least a year. This necklace is made using 2 netted tubes at the side with 3 strands of pearls at the front, I added some short fringes at the connection points. This necklace was perfect for my outfit today and I think I will probably wear it a lot from now on.

Monday 18 October 2010

Monday Moodboard - Rainbow

Welcome to this week's Monday Moodboard! I hope you're all enjoying the moodboards that we've had so far. Summer is definitely over in the UK but that doesn't mean we can't have a splash of fun colour here on Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. I've chosen Rainbow as our colour scheme this week, which can be as vibrant or as subtle as you like. Go for bold bright primary colours or delicate pastels, the choice is yours! Don't forget that you can also take inspiration from the shapes and textures in the photos, although I wouldn't advice beading with cake ;)

Clockwise from top-left: Taste The Rainbow, Urban Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow eyeshadow ben nye and m.a.c.

As always, we love to see your work. If you make anything in rainbow colours this week please send your photos to me a, or you can add them to our Flickr group pool and I'll post them in next week's reveal. Happy beading!

Saturday 16 October 2010

Stocking Fillers from Stash. Chain Swing Earrings Tutorial.

This weeks Stocking Fillers from Stash Tutorial is for these incredibly simple but fun to wear chain swing earrings. I first made this design after I bought some lovely donut shaped ceramic flowers at the Chepstow Bead & Gem Fair last January, I got them home & realised that I had no idea how to use them! After trying all sorts of ridiculously complicated techniques I finally decided that simple is best, threaded them on some chain and added an earwire. Since then these quick and simple earrings have become a great emergency gift standby, so I thought I would share them as I think they will make great little stocking fillers for Christmas.
You will need,
2 x equal lengths of small linked chain (I used a length of 3 inches)
Note: Trace chain is probably too small, check that your earwire will go through the links before cutting.
2 x 15mm donut shaped beads (I used MOP shell's which I got from the lovely Nicole from Beadwright)
1 pair of earwires

Tools: Wire snips to cut the chain and flat nosed pliers.

First decide how long you want the chain to dangle, double that measurement and cut 2 equal length pieces.

Using your flat nosed pliers, open the earwire loop by twisting sideways.

Thread one end of the chain through the earwire loop.

Thread the chain through your donut bead, taking care not to pull the chain off the earwire.

Thread the other end up over the outside of the donut and onto the earwire loop (try not to twist the chain).
Using your flat nosed pliers, twist the loop back sideways to close.

Repeat for 2nd earring.
I have assumed a knowledge of basic jewellery making techniques, if you are new to jewellery making you can find instructions here

Happy Christmas Beading!

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Wednesday's Wear It Or Frog It

Today I found this pretty peacock feather bracelet that I made several years ago. The design was in an early issue of Beads & Beyond magazine, I fell in love with it straight away and just had to make it!

The pattern used cylinder beads and tiny size 15 seeds and although I'd already started my obsession with beadweaving by then, I only had size 11 beads in my stash. So that was the one and only time that I bought all the beads in the exact colours needed.

The cost of the beads plus the fact that I'd used a sterling silver clasp for the first time meant that I never wore it because I was afraid I'd lose it!! Of course I'll happily spend all my money on beads now, how times change! Definitely not one to frog, I'm going to be wearing this piece from now on ;)

Monday 11 October 2010

Monday Moodboard Reveal - Pink & Black

I think the whole team has been excited this week, waiting to see what everyone else has made for the sassy pink & black Monday Moodboard. Well I know I have! Just before I reveal the beady gorgeousness, here's a recap of the mosaic I posted last week...

Clockwise from top-left: Pink gerbera with a heart of chocolate!, Dark, Antithesis, Cute in pink and black.

And here's what the team made. Sarah created this stunning spikey flower, inspired by the gerbera and the punky girl...

Maria made this wonderfully playful bracelet and earrings set, incorporating spikey beads and silver crosses into her design...

I chose to make a chunky cuff, turning a polymer clay face cab into a pretty flower attached to a herringbone base...

And this week we have something from one of our lovely readers, Jacky, who made a pair of beautiful bracelets using semi-precious gemstones...

Thank you so much for joining in with us this week Jacky!

If you've been inspired by this or previous Monday Moodboards then please drop me a line with your photos to or alternatively add them to our Flickr group pool - we'd love to see your work!

Saturday 9 October 2010

Stocking Fillers from Stash - Hoop Earrings Tutorial

I am almost afraid to mention the word, as every time I do in real life it evokes a sigh of dismay, but there is no denying that it is time to start thinking of Christmas! For those of us who craft, this often involves planning and making our own gifts, as well as the torture of Christmas shopping on the High Street. Every year I vow to do mine online from the comfort of my own home, but I never do.

As I have a bead stash to bust, I have been thinking about quick and easy gift ideas to make myself and to share with the readers of this blog in the hopes that all of our stashes will be a bit smaller by the 25th December. I have been wanting to write tutorials for some time and I thought now was a good time to start.

For my first tutorial I have chosen a simple pair of simple hoop earrings that I have made many times, I hope you like them!

You will need;
Beadalon stringing wire
1 pair of earwires
2 crimp beads
6mm fire polish beads (FP)
Size 11 seed beads (11)

Tools; Wire Cutters, Crimping Pliers, Round nose Pliers

1. First cut a piece of beading wire 7 inches long, thread on 1 FP and 1 11, repeat 8 times then thread 1 FP.

2. Thread 1 crimp bead onto one end of the wire, pass the opposite wire through the crimp bead to form a circle.

3. Pass both wires through the FP next to the crimp bead and pull tight.

4. Crimp the bead and trim the wire ends.

5. Attach an earwire.

Repeat steps 1-5 to create a second earring.
I have assumed a knowledge of basic techniques such as crimping, if you are just starting out you can find instructions here ->
or alternatively you can contact me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help!
Well, there it is, my first ever tutorial! I hope you like it and find it easy to understand. As always any comments would be appreciated and if you do use the tutorial to make some stocking fillers for your friends, we would love to see pictures! You can add them to the OTTBS Flickr pool here
Happy Christmas Beading!

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Wednesday's Wear It or Frog It

This weeks rummage through the jewellery stash unearthed this purple spiral bracelet which I have never worn. I love the colours and the the center drops that I used create a really lovely textural piece, but it is too big, like an inch and a half too big! I don't really know what I was thinking, I must have been so relaxed (spiral stitch is so meditative!) that I forgot to stop. I hate unpicking but it is too pretty to waste, so I will unpick and redo it a little bit smaller.

Monday 4 October 2010

Monday Moodboard - Pink & Black

Welcome to the Monday Moodboard! I've chosen sophisticated but fun pink and black as this week's colour scheme. Of course, black is black but you can use any shade of pink from palest tea rose to vibrant magenta or even a mix of several shades. And don't forget that you can take inspiration from the images themselves, including the shapes and textures.

Clockwise from top-left: Pink gerbera with a heart of chocolate!, Dark, Antithesis, Cute in pink and black.

We would love to see what you make using these colours as inspiration so if you'd like your work featured in next week's reveal post just send a photo to me at or add it to our group pool on Flickr.