Sunday, 25 July 2010

Purple lilies and let's play with crimps now!

Feeling a bit better finally, so I've come up with my first goal for the stash-busting, and it's all about my favourite colour - purple!:-) I have these funky acrylic calla lilies and this purple mix I gathered up and was planning to turn into a Tiger Tail necklace:


But for some reason it didn't happen at all. though I made a sketch of it and everything! (I've never made sketches of jewellery before this year, art is not my strongest point lol)

Umm ok, not that I have played much with crimps before but I do have a Tigertail bracelet and earrings that I made this year, so maybe now is the time to get brave and make a necklace already! I might even make some earrings to go with it, as I do love making them, and have enough lilies for that.

I'm going to start this next month I think as I am entering a July competition on Making Jewellery forum first. But after that I am planning to give myself 2 weeks for each goal and see how that goes. I think I'd prefer to come up with my own designs for this blog, but I do have a few magazines now so I might mix and match my own ideas with those and online projects, maybe. That way I have a fallback if my creativity has a bad day hehehe!

Well, wish me luck with those rascally little things they call crimps! lol

[Sorry about the really small thumbnail, I don't quite know how to get it bigger. Can someone please advise me? Thanks loads:-) I'm not used to blogs clearly lol]


Clair said...

Alana! So pleased to see your first proper goal - and the colours might be quite timely. (That's a big hint folks!)

Sarah said...

Lovely beads! Can't wait to see your 1st completed project! Looks like it going to be a purple week here this week!

Liz said...

Ooh these are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make from them. And don't worry about using magazine projects, most of my goals are to use my magazines more! x