Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Trials & Tribulations of Goal 8!

First of all, huge apologies for my lack of posting lately. I've been really busy with orders and commissions (although I'm not complaining!) plus other non-beady stuff and have spread myself a little too thin.

Also I came to a total standstill with my last goal. I had planned to use up that gorgeous tube of beads by the end of the week but three weeks later they were still sitting on my desk! Several times I had an idea, tipped the beads onto my bead mat and had a go but everything I tried was a disaster.

I discovered that they're not very good for herringbone, triangle stitch or right-angle weave. I had an idea that because they're triangles, they would look good stitched in rows on a bead embroidered cuff and I visualised a lovely zig-zag texture. No. They wobbled about a bit and it just looked messy, so back into the tube they went.

My last resort was peyote stitch which I had dismissed at first because of their shape. Success! They fit together brilliantly to give an unusual effect. So off I went, merrily making a six bead wide strip to make a bracelet...and ran out of beads three quarters of the way through! Grr. Determined not to buy another tube of these flippin' beads I unpicked it all and started again with four beads. Several hours later and with the addition of some red and gold seed beads I had this bracelet...

Now who was it that said beading was relaxing, lol.


Clair said...

Liz! I understand your frustrations perfectly. I've had that kind of month too. If it's any consolation though, the bracelet looks amazing!!! x

Sarah said...

I think we have all had a bit of a month like that. Let's hope the rest of the summer see's us less busy with life and more busy with beads! The bracelet is gorgeous Liz really rich looking!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Oh, I love it! Glad you finally got to use those gorgeous beasds up.