Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wednesday's Wear It Or Frog It

A little different from the usual WWIOFI post as I found this choker in my 'for sale' box rather than in my personal jewellery stash. I made it quite a while ago with the intention of selling it, but as the flower was made from a pattern in The Beader's Floral book I wasn't comfortable doing this without the designer's permission. Sadly I never received a reply to my email so it's been sat in the box ever since.

Well as black and red is my favourite colour combination, I've decided that rather than taking it apart, I'm going keep it all for me and will wear it when I go out shopping tomorrow :)


carol said...

Oooh that is beautiful! My sort of colours too Liz.

Carol XXX

Sarah said...

That's gorgeous, I'm glad you are going to wear it!