Tuesday, 11 January 2011

January Moodboard Entry No.1

Here is the very first entry for our fabulous January Moodboard challenge. Carol (aka Bead Queen) has made this beautiful flower using cylinder beads and crystals. Thanks for joining in with us this month Carol, it's beautiful!

I thought I would add a little bit more about the challenge, just to answer any questions you may have...

We've decided that anyone is eligible to enter, including team members if they would like to, it's only Sarah and myself that will be excluded from the prize draw at the end of the month.

You can create any item using any beading technique from jewellery to household items and beyond, providing you've made it with beads and followed the purple and gold colour scheme. If you only have time to make a simple pair of earrings then that's great, we would love to see them!

I'll be adding your photographs throughout the month and also posting a round-up of all the entries on the evening of January 31st when I will announce the winner of the draw (who will be picked at random from a bag by my lovely Mum to make it completely fair). The prize this month will be a mystery beading pack which I'm putting together. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me. Now go create!


Clair said...

Gosh Carol's entry is beautiful. I'll look forward to seeing more :)

Nic :) said...
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Nic :) said...

Wow! It really is stunning.
the colour combination that you have chosen as well really is so amazing!

Can't wait to see more

Jen V. said...

I'm so excited that I just found this blog! I have more stash than any one girl needs, that's for sure. Plus, I think it's really cool that on the same day I found you, I had a post scheduled that focuses on purple and yellow! Check it out...www.jenjuddrocks.com. I'll spread the word about your moodboard challenge...I think that's such a great idea.

Sarah said...

Stunning flower Carol! Hi Jen, thank you, I checked out your treasury post, beautiful selection! I hope you can join us. Thank you so much for telling your friends about us!