Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Podcast Review - Bead Circle Episode 2

As well as beading, I also knit and have long been a fan of knitting podcasts. So I was very excited to discover that Mandi Ainsworth from the Bead Circle Network has launched a beading podcast and thought I would do a quick review of it for anyone who has not found it yet. I'm not going to go to in depth as I don't want to give away too many spoilers.

So far there are only 2 episodes, the 1st episode was published on the 26th February and is a very interesting interview with Nancy Zellers Episode 2 an interview with Diana Grygo aka The Lone Beader

Mandi starts off the podcast talking about the beading by the Bay Retreat, which sounds fabulous and then goes into the interview. Diana talks about how she got started in beading and bead embroidery and talks in more detail about some of her pieces such as The Diva's and The Time Traveller's series. They also talk about how to find and enter your beaded art in appropriate juried shows. They touch on registering your name as a trademark, which was unexpected but interesting, although the laws and regulations are most likely different on this side of the pond. Diana also gives a bit of information about her tutorial on bead embroidery, which is available in her Etsy store

I found the podcast very enjoyable to listen to, Mandi asks great questions that resulted in a fun interview and Diana's enthusiasm for her work shines through, it's definitely worth a listen if you are a bead enthusiast!

Happy beading!



Bead Queen said...

I listened to the first pod cast when it came out, i will have to listen to Mandi's 2nd one. I remember the fab work That Diana used to show us a few years back when there was a 'Bead Circle Forum' which i used to frequent.

Thanks for the review Sarah, i am sure Mandi will be very pleased.

Carol XXX

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fab review, I think I've only ever listened to one podcast (with Kerrie Slade) but you've made me want to check these out :)