Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bracelet Swap Reveal!

The wait is over! The bracelet swap reveal is finally here. Thank you to all the participants for making this swap so much fun! The bracelets are all beautiful and I know everyone is happy with their gifts. Don't worry if you missed out, we'll be doing another one in the Autumn.

Shirley to Norma

Mary to Tamara Tamara to Mary

Danielle to Erin Liz to Sarah Faye to Catherine Gemma to Donna Kit to Shirley

Carol to Vickie Vickie to Lesley Donna to Carol

Lesley to Liz Catherine to Gemma Sarah to Faye

Norma to Danielle Erin to Kit.

Happy Beading!



Gloria said...

Wow! Superb bracelets - well done everyone!

Sally Anderson said...

Are there any patterns available for any of these beautiful bracelets? I am so in awe of all this creativity but pretty much follow patterns myself! ;-(

Beadwright said...

Everyone did a fantastic job.
If you haven't done so please come by my blog to enter the bead book giveaway.


Wow some gorgeous bracelets there !

Kit said...

I want to thank Erin....the bracelet is so lovely....I did not know who to addree since I did not know your first name! You are so talented . . .the bracelet is so lovely. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! So wonderful to see what everyone made for each other, what a talented bunch :)

Gemma said...

So many gorgeous bracelets! Well done everyone and thanks soooooooo much Sarah for organising the swap

Mrs Cake said...

such wow moments, what a serious amount of jaw droppingly handsome arm candy :) well done everyone, and especially Sarah for taking the time to co-ordinate it all xx