Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Shop Review - The Brass Charm Co.

I have a secret...I'm addicted to brass stampings! Now as secrets go, that's not a very big one, but you may have noticed that I haven't yet used them in my work. Not because I don't know what to do with them, I do, I have tons of ideas. But for some reason I like to keep them stashed away in a box taking them out from time to time to lovingly look at them, just like a lot of us do with lampwork beads (I'm secretly addicted to lampwork beads too but that's another story!). So I was thrilled to come across The Brass Charm Co. on Etsy!

The shop is run by Belinda, aka Miss Lindy, and is based in Staffordshire in the UK. What first drew me to her shop were the gorgeous Shabby Chic dragonfly charms and hearts which have been given a unique patina in different colours. And then I was thrilled to discover the wide variety of lovely stampings, some that I only usually see in US shops.

The shop is conveniently divided into sections so you can easily find what you want. First of all there's the raw brass - this is the kind I love to buy as eventually I'd like to learn how to add patinas to them (after I've stopped just stashing them that is!).

Then you'll find the stampings and charms that Belinda has hand aged/patinated herself...antique, vintage, silver, gold and of course the lovely coloured brass.

She also stocks these lovely brass tags which I think would be brilliant for metal stamping...

Postage is very reasonable too, starting from around £1.10 and £1.50 on the website. Speaking of which, if you're not an Etsy shopper you can also find the The Brass Charm Co. website here.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this review and have fun browsing around The Brass Charm Co.


Anonymous said...

Just to add...the order I placed yesterday arrived this morning! Superb quality charms and wonderful service :)

Kitty Ballistic said...

Nooo, I don't need to see this shop. I also have an addiction to brass stampings (and lampwork too - snap!) I can feel some retail therapy coming on....