Friday, 28 October 2011

Stashbusting Beadalong Progress 2

Welcome to update 2 of the stashbusting beadalong and I am happy to have some great progress to share with you! Poor Gloria has been sick this week so has no progress but will be back with us soon and we have a new participant joining us!

Cathy says "The "3 Strand Ndebele Bracelet" is another fascinating design by Laura McCabe. The herringbone variations caught my eye, and it looked like a project I could do successfully. I've had the kit for awhile, but it's been languishing in my stash - maybe it's all the 15°s!"

Catherine - "Not so much, but made another flower, and did the join with 2 of the
first flowers. Starting to look like a bracelet now!"

Jo says "This week I have mostly been distracted by CRAW but I did manage to get some of my project done. I bezelled the two points and have joined the rivoli's and added one point to the top. It looks a bit like a Portuguese Man O War at the moment as you have to keep all the threads attached until the end as they are used to join and embellish the components. It's been a bit tricky making sure that all the joining tabs are in the right place but overall this kit has been pretty straight forward so far!"

I have been having fun making the pagoda embellisments, they are addictive! I have 7 on mine and left off the drops. I am now ready to start on the strap, I think I will using mainly 11's though, I have pretty much had enough of 15's already!

Happy beading!



Gloria said...

Wow - some fabulous beading going on ladies. Once we are all finished maybe we could swap instructions? I'd love to try some of these.

Peapod Beads said...

Sarah's is in the 'embellishments' book Gloria, and the others are kits/class projects so it wouldn't be possible without Laura's permission.