Friday, 2 March 2012

2012 Finish or Frog A Long - February Update

I am pleased to report lots of progress this month on our finish or frog a long projects for February!

Dee finished her wonderful bracelet project designed by Jean Power,
Interlocking Crystals from Jean Power

Rebecca finished her Iced Pretzel necklace, "It may have taken me a couple of months, but I've finally finished it! I've attached a couple of pictures of my UFO. I've called it "Iced Pretzel". The sad thing is, now I've finished it, I don't really like it! The rope is CRAW, the bezel is netted, and edged with Swarovski pearls.

I lost one of my tulips, so made a quick leaf to go on one side of the spiral stitch lariat that I made. Of course as soon as I had photographed the necklace, I found the other tulip!

ETA: Gemma finished her bracelet, I absolutely covet this so much!

The lovely Clair from Obstinate Pursuit will be running the March Finish or Frog A Long while I deal with some family issues, thank you Clair!

Happy beading!



Charters said...

Beautiful work - very inspiring1

KJ said...

Congratulations everyone, great bead work.