Monday, 5 March 2012

March Finish Or Frog Along

Once again it’s time for the month’s Frog Or Finish Along! If you’ve only recently joined us, each month members of our Facebook Group nominate a project from their selections of projects which are lying forgotten in a dusty little corner of their craft space.

Erika is carrying over her project from last month – what will most likely be an absolutely stunning embroidered cuff. It’s been on her ‘to do list’ since last September. Gasp!

After her Finish Along success last month, Gemma has a new project to get to grips with and has decided it’s time to Frog Or Finish a chain maille style bracelet that she’s combining with some Precosia Twin Beads. But, it’s being difficult “It doesn't sit right, as the outer rows only have 4 beads on them so they keep slipping under the next row. I want to add coordinating 8s and drops to hopefully sort it out...if it doesn't work I shall have to rethink or frog it!”

Padmini is hoping to finish a project she started in response to the February Challenge. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to finish it on time for the challenge, but she intends to make a necklace. She says “I have to improve the pendant pattern but it gives me a chance to bust the seedbead stash!”

And I’m joining in this month with a silver version of the Jaipur Gems Bracelet from September’s Beads & Beyond. I started the bracelet in January, but was unable to finish it when I fell and hurt my hand. Looking at it now, there really isn’t a lot to do, but I dread weaving in all of the loose thread ends. It always feels like such a chore!

If you didn’t manage to send in details of any projects you want to finish this month, don’t fret. Join us over on our Facebook Group for lots of encouragement!

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