Saturday, 12 May 2012

May Finish Or Frog Along

I can't quite believe that we've made it to the end of the second week in May - and without me showing you exactly what we'll be working on for this month's Finish Or Frog Along. I've had intermittent internet issues (try saying that quickly) over the last couple of weeks and I'm behind with everything!

Let's move quickly onto the beads, shall we? Padmini has been working on the necklace which you'll have first spotted during our March Finish Or Frog Along. All of her original components are now strung a little more securely and it looks as though the tension has also been improved! Padmini is now working on putting together a chain or rope for the pendant, but hasn't made any decisions about how she'll finish it. I'm looking forward to seeing this when she's finished.

Nicole will be working on this beautiful right angle weave necklace. So far, she has completed the front piece of the collar, which is embellished with glass hearts. It now needs a strap and fastenings to finish it off. It seems Nicole has, apparently, known exactly how she wants to do this since she started - with a spiral rope and toggles on each side of the front piece, but it's been sat gathering dust on her beading mat for well over a month now. Let's hope this is the month she finally finishes, as I think this is going to be a stunner.

Gloria will also be joining in this month, carrying over the embroidered cabochon she started during April's Finish Or Frog Along. As yet, she's not sure what direction she'll take the colours or patterns - or even what the finished piece will be! 

And me? Well, I haven't decided whether I'll be finishing or frogging. I started working on this necklace in March, but I made a mistake and put a dangle in the wrong place. When I tried to correct my mistake, I cut the wrong one off, so went to make myself a much needed cup of tea and didn't pick this piece up again until I was clearing my beading table this week. 

Do I finish it? Do I turn it into a bracelet? Or do I frog it and use some of those turquoise beads to play along with the May Challenge? Hopefully, I'll have made a decision by the end of the month!

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