Wednesday 11 May 2011

Website Review - Ruby's Beadwork


Many apologies for not posting a review last week, a combination of changing roles at work and the Bank Holiday weekend made me very absent minded! I have got a quick link and review of an old favourite website this week, some of you may already be aware of it but I thought it well worth a mention for any readers who are just starting out with beadweaving. Many years ago when I first came across beading as a hobby I joined the beading forum where I found a lot of useful information and helpful advice. There was a lovely lady on there called Ruby, who was very active in encouraging new beaders and posting lovely free patterns. I haven't visited her website for a long time, but yesterday I was asked to run a taster beading session at my offices Adult Learner Day, so I have been thinking about how I started out and I was once again reminded of it.

There are over 50 patterns/tutorials on this website, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and a range of techniques from making your own jump rings, bails and clasps in wirework to off loom beadweaving. The favourite project that I remember making when I very first started out is The Terri choker which is a lovely necklace using size 8 beads and fire polish beads, it's a simple project easily achieved by an adventurous beginner (trust me, if i could do it back then, anyone can!) and is particularly good for a prom style necklace, I think. Finishing this project really motivated me to try different techniques. I also learnt spiral rope and netting stitch from this website and the flat netted bracelet was a favourite for a long time, I have embellished in many ways, with fringing along both sides, lengthened it as a choker and added Russian leaves to it, the possibilities are endless!

Looking at the website today, there are still some projects that I would like to try, especially the Medallion Ornament

So if you are just starting out in beadweaving, or just fancy a quick and easy project, you should definitely check out this site!

Happy beading!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that's a blast from the past! I remember looking at all the wonderful jewellery and wishing I could make something so intricate. I learnt so much from this site and still wear my netted necklace


Shirley said...

I've spent many hours looking at all the lovelies she has posted. I've used several of the patterns, and been quite pleased with them. Definitely a favorite!

Unknown said...

I have been beading for have I never come across this site before?! There's some lovely patterns on there and the instructions look really clear. Loving the medallion ornament too. Loving the herringbone bangles too.

Bead Queen said...

I love Ruby's Beadwork Tutorials. I have done quite a few of them myself over the years.

They are great for beginner and intermediate beaders like myself. I love the Herringbone Sparkle tutorial, and have made quite a few of them now too.

Carol XXX