Monday 2 October 2017

Stashtember Reveal.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Stashtember Challenge! As always absolutely gorgeous entries! 


I chose Juno as my inspiration. 

As juno is part of the asteroid belt I took the colours and the swirling image to create a cellini spiral bracelet.

I have attached a picture of the asteroid belt to show the colours I saw and a final image of my Juno bracelet.


Here is my Stashtember challenge entry -A pair of peacock earrings - The pattern is  by my Russian friend Varvara Smith. Ihave created these earrings inspired by an aspect of  the First topic - The Ancient Roman Goddess Juno. Goddess Juno often appeared sitting pictured with a peacock. Thus I created these bright peacock earrings.

Sarah G

I chose the birth of Elizabeth 1 as my inspiration and square-stitched a Tudor Rose.


I was inspired by considering space from mention of the German astronomer  so I have made Eridhans Polaris  pendant with Jupiter  beads on the strap.


Hashtag steps was inspired by the Blackpool illumnations - the miles we had to walk to see them on foot.

All the names went on to a list and chose...

Sarah G.

Congratulations Sarah! You're the winner of the £15 voucher from Celia at Jencel!

The October challenge will be announced in the next few days.

Happy beading,


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