Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wednesdays Wear It or Frog It

This weeks wear it or frog item from me is a dutch spiral necklace that I made last year and only wore once or twice. I remembered it this week when I was looking through some pictures of my son's birthday. We took him to Longleat Safari Park last year as a birthday treat and this necklace was inspired by a photo I took there of a tiger in the grass. It's a slightly odd colour combination for me! I had forgotten why I'd tucked it away but taking it out again I realised that the orangey size 15 seed beads that I used for the loops have gone patchy in colour, don't you just hate it when that happens? You spend hours making something to realise that the finish is not durable. I usually check and am very careful to not buy dyed beads but these were not marked as such, I will never wear it again, so it's off to the frog pond with it! Never mind, there are a lot of topaz crystals that I can reuse for Autumn.
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Anonymous said...

That's lovely Sarah, such a shame the coating on the beads wore off. I hate it when that happens too. At least you can save the crystals, they're a gorgeous colour!