Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday's Wear It Or Frog It

This week's Wednesday Wear It Or Frog It is this Maia bracelet that I made several years ago. I used to wear it all the time but somehow it got consigned to bottom of the jewellery box, probably just by adding new pieces on top of it!

The pentacle is pewter and the semi-precious nuggets are rose quartz, new jade and clear quartz, all wire wrapped to a sterling silver bracelet. I was a bit concerned about using silver plated wire to add the beads but I'm really pleased to see how good it's looking, with just a few places where it's tarnished a little. Definitely not one for frogging, I'll be wearing this piece a lot more now that I've rediscovered it!


Anonymous said...

Oh that is gorgeous! So glad you found it again:-D

Sorry I havent made enough jewellery to be able to do Wednesday's Wear It Or Frog It, only have a load of earrings mostly lol.

By the way, what exactly does "frog" mean in frogging a piece of jewellery? I hadn't heard of that until I joined this group you see.

Sarah said...

That's a gorgeous bracelet Liz, I am glad it's going to be worn again.

Alana - Earrings would be great if you have a pair that you haven't worn for ages! Frogging means ripping something out - as in rip it, rip it!