Saturday 16 October 2010

Stocking Fillers from Stash. Chain Swing Earrings Tutorial.

This weeks Stocking Fillers from Stash Tutorial is for these incredibly simple but fun to wear chain swing earrings. I first made this design after I bought some lovely donut shaped ceramic flowers at the Chepstow Bead & Gem Fair last January, I got them home & realised that I had no idea how to use them! After trying all sorts of ridiculously complicated techniques I finally decided that simple is best, threaded them on some chain and added an earwire. Since then these quick and simple earrings have become a great emergency gift standby, so I thought I would share them as I think they will make great little stocking fillers for Christmas.
You will need,
2 x equal lengths of small linked chain (I used a length of 3 inches)
Note: Trace chain is probably too small, check that your earwire will go through the links before cutting.
2 x 15mm donut shaped beads (I used MOP shell's which I got from the lovely Nicole from Beadwright)
1 pair of earwires

Tools: Wire snips to cut the chain and flat nosed pliers.

First decide how long you want the chain to dangle, double that measurement and cut 2 equal length pieces.

Using your flat nosed pliers, open the earwire loop by twisting sideways.

Thread one end of the chain through the earwire loop.

Thread the chain through your donut bead, taking care not to pull the chain off the earwire.

Thread the other end up over the outside of the donut and onto the earwire loop (try not to twist the chain).
Using your flat nosed pliers, twist the loop back sideways to close.

Repeat for 2nd earring.
I have assumed a knowledge of basic jewellery making techniques, if you are new to jewellery making you can find instructions here

Happy Christmas Beading!


Christine @ said...

Those are so clever and simple! Adorable

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic tutorial Sarah! And I love these earrings so much, simple but very stylish. I think my Aunt will be getting a pair of these for Christmas ;)

Sarah said...

Than you both! I am so glad you like them! I am having a lot of fun writing the tutes I must say.


waoo..really smart n easy..