Saturday 19 February 2011

Free Pattern - Blue Waves Peyote Bracelet

This Valentines day the husbeast treated to me to a trip to Cardiff, which is always dangerous for my stash busting plans as the lovely bead shop Crystals and Ice is there. True to form I bought quite a lot of seed beads though I did restrain myself and stay away from the delica's! I bought some blue's, forgetting that I already had a plastic carton full of them)and wanted a simple pattern to use some of them up. I came up with this and thought that I would share it with our lovely OTTBS readers as I bet I'm not the only one with masses of seed beads in blue! I think it would look good in lots of other combinations too, I may try a black and red version at some point.

The dimensions using size 11 miyuki seed beads are width 1.31 inches, length 6.47 inches, just add or detract rows to resize. The bracelet uses the odd count peyote technique, if you aren't familiar with this or need a refresher, here is a link to a tutorial on

Happy beading!



Anonymous said...

This is lovely Sarah! You're right, my blue box is huge...

Sarah said...

Thank you Liz, somehow I knew I wouldn't be the only one with too many blue beads!