Saturday 16 April 2011

Reflections Bracelet Tutorial

This weeks tutorial is for this super simple but pretty Swarovski Ring and cord bracelet. I've had the ring for a couple of years and really wanted to bust it out of my stash as it's far too lovely to languish in a box unused.

Materials required: 1 x Swarovski Crystal Ring, 2 x 8 inches (or length to fit your wrist) 2mm wide faux suede cord, 4 x cords ends (to fit 2mm), 2 x open jump rings, 1 x toggle clasp. 1. Place one end of your cord inside the cord end and, using flat nose pliers, close the cord end over the cord.

2. Repeat until all ends of the cord have a connector.

3. Fold one length of cord in half and pass the folded end through the Swarovski ring.

4. Take the two cord ends and pass them between the ring and the folded end of the cord.

5. Pull snug and repeat steps 3- 5 on the other side.

6. Using round nosed pliers, open a jump ring and thread it through the holes in the cord ends on one side of the bracelet.

7. Thread the jump ring through one part of the toggle clasp and close. Repeat steps 6 & 7 on the other side.

Happy Beading!



Bead Queen said...

That is lovely Sarah. I don't have a swaro ring, but i may have something else i can use ;o)

Carol XXX

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant tutorial Sarah and a great design!