Thursday, 29 April 2010

4th Goal completed...sort of (Liz)

The instructions for these beads are brilliant and they're really easy to make, but due to their small size they're incredibly fiddly! I can see why rubber tubing is used in the project now, they look great while on the straw but once you take them off they collapse. So I popped a couple of size 6 beads inside them to hold them in shape and added some silver Greek ceramic washers to keep them from sliding over the Swarovski crystals. This scuppered my plans to make a bracelet as I don't have enough washers so I decided to make just two beads and create a pair of earrings. As you can see I didn't use very much of my bead stash but at least I've made some use of the magazine!


Bobbi said...

Hi Liz, wow, these earrings are beautiful! Wonderful idea to make them in the way you have, they're gorgeous! I hope that you have a wonderful day!
Bead Happy!
Hugs and happy beading...

Liz said...

Thank you very much Bobbi! :)

Liz x

Sarah said...

They are gorgeous! They look like mini erupting volcanos! Are those crystals Fire opal? I've got some but they look prettier in your picture.

Liz said...

Thank you Sarah :) I did have volcanos in mind when I made them, in fact I forgot to put their name in the post - Igneous!

Yes the crystals are Fire Opal, they vary colourwise don't they? I've got some that are very red and others that are pale orange with little red. I think these are in the middle :)

Liz x