Tuesday, 15 June 2010

8th Goal (Liz)

I bought these red & gold luster Toho triangles about four years ago at my very first trip to a major craft/bead fair. I didn't have many seed beads at the time and not a whole lot of knowledge about them either, so in a state of "OMG look at all the beads!" I just bought anything that looked pretty.

Quite a few of those tubes were triangles and after all this time I still don't really know what to do with them to bring out their, well, triangleness. Haven't decided what I'm going to make with them just yet but by the end of this week I want to see that tube empty!

1 comment:

Kitty Ballistic said...

Those triangular beads are gorgeous - but I'm meant to be decreasing my bead stash, not adding to it. I must stay strong.... ;-)