Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Look, I can fit the lid on! Sarah

A couple of weeks ago, I was moaning to my friend Lisa that my stash did not seem to be going down at all. She said that I would notice it all at once, I'm glad to say she was right! When I started OTTBS this box would not close, there were probably another 5 takeaway boxes in there. After using up quite a bit, I have been able to merge containers together and now it all fits in! (In the interest of complete disclosure, I must admit that this is not all my stash just the downstairs one! I will tackle the rest when this one is sorted!)


Erin - Kynera's Jewels said...

Congratulations, I need some of that organizing power! I'm trying to do bead crafts in a 1 bedroom apartment with me, hubby, kitty, and doggy all vying for space.

Liz said...

Well done!