Thursday, 1 September 2011

September Moodboard

Welcome to the September Moodboard! While it's still sunny in some parts of the UK I'm sure we've all felt the cool touch of autumn creeping in. Leaves are starting to fall and we're beginning to harvest the lovely fruits and vegetables that we've been caring for throughout the spring and summer. Our moodboard for September reflects this with it's warm browns and oranges, deep mossy greens and golds and creams. But we're refusing to give up the summer that easily so we've added a twist to the traditional autumn colours...we'd like you to add a little pink to your creation!

Clockwise from top-left: Autumn Treasures Ripe, Summer's Bounty, Beau, Pink Leaves.

Submitting is easy! You can either email your photographs to me at or you can add them to our Flickr group pool. If you have a website, blog or an online shop that you'd like us to link to your name then please include it with your submission, either in your email or in the description of your Flickr photo.

What can you make? Anything as long as it involves beads! Any technique is accepted, from beadweaving and stringing to wire work and bead embroidery. Lampworkers and polymer clay artists are also welcome to submit pieces they've made.

We're happy for you to make something using a pattern from a book, magazine or tutorial but if you do please let us know the designer's name and where it was published, including a link if available, so that we can give full credit.

The deadline for entries is 6pm (UK time) on Friday September 30th and as usual a prize will be awarded at random to one of our lucky entrants. We welcome submissions from around the world so don't worry if you're not in the UK, you can still enter and be eligible for the prize!

The prize this month is a from Sarah and is a kit to make a pair of her gorgeous Chrysanthemum earrings in autumn colours! :)

We hope you enjoy this month's challenge and look forward to seeing your creations!


Shirley said...

Oh yummy colors! And I so love the touch of pink challenge!

maneki said...

Autumn colours and pink, now, that sounds like our garden right now. The horse chestnut tree is already changing colours while the pink mini roses, hollyhocks and mallows insist it's still summer. I won't have to look far for inspiration this month, in other words. ;)

Clare Thomas said...

Love the new moodboard! Think I have just the project :)

Jet said...

ach i'm so glad it turned out to be autumn colors :) last week i went through my stash and pulled out as many fall colored beads as i could find, oranges, yellows, browns, rich reds, and greens. they're all in a pile waiting for me :) i'll just add some pink to the mix and see what happens!