Friday, 4 November 2011

Stashbusting Beadalong Progress 3

Well, I am hanging my head in shame, as I have no progress on my April Showers necklace to this week, I seem to have been a bit hectic! Luckily, the other ladies do have some progress to report.

Despite an accident, Jo's Orb pendant is finished, she says "Not much progress this week due to unforeseen leg injuries but the orb pendant is finished after weaving off 11 of the 2 tails! Just the bail to go now and then on to the neck strap."

Poor Gloria is still sick, "Very little progress from my sick bed! Glad we have another 7 weeks til Christmas."

Cathy's bracelet is coming along nicely, "The second Ndebele strand completed and attached to the first."

Catherine has new approach to her kit "Week 3 progress: I decided that putting all the beads from the kit away each time was putting me off, so decided to make a special case for the work in progress. I cut a beadmat to fit an A4 hard folder,
and now I can close it with the beads inside, and still see it. I also decided that having to put away one color, and changing colour every round meant I slowed down too, so decided to bead the next two units simultaneously, so I have done the first steps using cylinder and 15s for both we shall see if this helps by the amount of progress"

Aren't they all looking lovely?

Happy beading!


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