Friday, 25 November 2011

Stashbusting Beadalong Progress Week 6

Well I am ashamed to say that I have thrown in the towel with mine! After the twist annoyance last week I have now lost the book I was working on and am in a proper bad mood, so it is going in the bin! Both Cathy and Gloria have put beading on the back burner this week but we have two finished projects! Well done to Catherine and Jo, they are both beautiful projects!

Catherine - I had a good long session at the Starburst bracelet yesterday, in between the chores, and managed to finish! There was a single casualty in the central join where a charlotte burst on the final reinforcement pass. I had to leave it as there was no way I could even unpick it! I left the final peyote tubes off the ends of the project and joined the slide clasp via 2 loops of charlottes on doubled thread. The attached picture is of the finished beadwork without the clasp, spot the missing charlotte! Wore it and tested doing up and undoing, and I hope it will be sturdy enough! Now I am making the second version of this for myself in the (stash) beads I selected, rather than a kit from Laura. The attached picture is of the finished beadwork without the clasp. Thanks for organising the beadalong Sarah, and I'll keep showing progress on the second version!

Jo - Yay, I've finished. Have really enjoyed this project and joining the challenge has really spurred me on to get it done. The only thing left to do is to dunk it in warm water to get rid of the wax which Laura advises and does with all her pieces that are made with Fireline. Not quite sure I'm brave enough to do it though....
Thanks for setting the challenge Sarah. It's been fun :-)

Happy beading,


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