Friday, 11 November 2011

Stashbusting Beadalong Progress Week 4

Week 4 of our stashbusting beadalong has a mixed bag of progress!

First up is Gloria, who says, "Not much to report but making slow progress. I have to make a total of nine round connectors (done); nine rivoli lids and nine delica boxes – so as you can see from the photo I am on the way!"

Cathy is doing really well with her bracelet, "Lots of progress this week! The third Ndebele strand is stitched and added to the others, and one end cap is done. The end cap uses 2 elements found in the April Showers necklace Sarah is making, a pagoda and a bellflower. All that's left to do now is the other end cap and the toggle clasp. And, hmmm....maybe matching earrings?"

No pictures from Catherine this week but lots of progress, "no pictures this week but I can report that I have now got the two 3 unit sections made, so just the central pair and the more complicated join to do. I did find making the two flowers simultaneously saved time, so can recommend that, especially if you leave the needle threaded on each unit (if you have enough needles of course). Will send a photo when I find the recharger for the camera battery!"

Jo has no progress this week, "Really sorry but it's a big fat fail for me this week. Haven't even touched it! Please do not put me in the naughty corner and I promise to try and catch up next week."

And I thought I had progress on my April Showers necklace but tonight realised that I had done 3 inches of the necklace strap in twisted herringbone instead of normal and have had to rip back, so no photo's from me either!

Happy beading!


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