Friday, 18 November 2011

Stashbusting Beadalong Progress Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of the stashbusting beadalong. I am afraid that I am still sulking over the twisted herringbone incident of last week and haven't even looked at mine, I promise to do better next week! Catherine says the dog ate her beadwork! Wish I'd thought of that one, lol but will be beading tomorrow. Poor Cathy has hurt her hand, hope it heals quick Cathy!

We do have some progress though!

Jo is putting me to shame with her necklace strap! "1st half of the strap almost done! I love the herringbone start Laura uses. I never did get on with the ladder stitch start. The end caps are so easy to do and they look like they are snuggling around the pearl which gives a really neat finish."

And Gloria says "Some progress made this week. All components made now with three of the lockets completed. Six more to go................................"

Happy beading,


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