Monday, 22 March 2010

3rd Goal for March Complete

I have quite a lot of glass pearls in my bead stash, both full strands and some leftovers from previous projects. They are one of my favourite accent beads to use in bead woven projects. For my 3rd gaol I decided to try to use up 2 strands (the blue & purple) and some leftover cream pearls, as an added bonus I also used up quite a lot of fire polished beads. Each bracelet took about an hour and I will be taking them with me to sell at my 2nd craft fair on Saturday.


Bobbi said...

Hi Sara, those are really nice bracelets! It's also nice that they didn't take up alot of time to make, those kind of projects are great! I hope that you sell lots!
Hugs and happy beading...

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Sarah! Good luck at the craft fair :)

Liz x