Thursday, 11 March 2010

Some helpful links...

Here's some links that might help to use up some of our bead stash in great and beadiful ways.
This is one for the African Helix Stitch
This one is for free Delica patterns
This one is for Jewelry Making and Beading Projects
This one is from Bead and Button Magazine for Free Projects
Here's one for a Square Stitch Rosette Beaded Ornament
This one is for a Beaded Icicle
This is for Free Patterns
Here's one for a Bracelet with Paua Shell Cabochon and Seed Beads
Free patterns from A to Z
More free beading patterns
Free Peyote Patterns
Even more free Beading Patterns
Here's one for a beautiful Necklace
Bead Tree Tutorial
This one is for Bead Crochet
Here's many different Tutorials
Here's one for a beading glossary

I hope that these links will be helpful to you in using your bead stash up and making beautiful beaded pieces!
So until next time please don't forget, "Operation Tackle that Bead Stash" and Bead Happy!
Hugs and happy beading...


Sarah said...

Great links, thanks Bobbi!

Bobbi said...

Hi Sarah, glad you like them and hope that they help. Have a wonderful day!
Hugs and happy beading...

Clair said...

Loving the helix stitch!