Monday, 22 March 2010

Main Goal for April Shadow Wave- Tackling that Book Stash

In an earlier post I mentioned that I have a lot of books that I have never made projects. I had a look through them and chose Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence, there were a few projects that I liked but this one, Shadow Wave was the most intriguing. I think this will be a bit of a challenge for me and I don't have a rivoli suitable so I will need to make a focal. I did consider buying a rivoli but that defeats the purpose of trying to use up my stash. I have banned myself from buying new beads unless I need them for a specific gift for someone else. I will still be buying finding though.

I am currently busy using up leftover beads from other projects to make beaded rings for my 2nd craft fair on saturday so I will be making this my main goal for April, although it may well take me a lot longer.


Bellesanbeaus said...

Miss Sarah...that is such a beautiful piece you plan to make. Also good luck with your craft fair on Saturday...I so love going to those! I haven't been to one in a long time. I will be showing more painted ladies tomorrow so tune just may break your rule of no more new things to buy!!! lol Big hugs Beth

Bobbi said...

Hi Sarah, Wow, that's one gorgeous piece that you're going to be making! It would be still out of my league I believe to try to make. I can't wait to see yours!
That really looks like a great book! It's one that I haven't seen yet.
I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening!
Hugs and happy beading...

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I was looking through this book last night and thought I should really try to make some of the projects.

Good luck with this Sarah, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece :)

Liz x